Plant and equipment finance

The West Corp Finance team has experience in a diverse range of plant and equipment finance for a variety of jobs and businesses.

Our team has vast array of programs that will allow you access to the equipment you need. No matter the trade or profession, no matter whether it’s tools, heavy machinery or vehicles, the West Corp Finance team is on hand to help you find a plant and equipment finance program to suit you and your business needs.


Some plant and equipment finance programs:

Here are just a few excerpts from our broad range of plant and equipment finance options:

  • Lathes, milling machines, hoists, welders, for engineering shops
  • Trucks and trailers for transport companies
  • Computer systems including software for all types of businesses
  • Hoists, tuning equipment, compressors, tools for auto repair shops
  • Kitchen equipment for the catering industry
  • Specialist equipment for medical or scientific operations
  • Tractors, harvesters, implements for agriculture
  • Motor vehicles for every type of business